What we attempt to do everyday is engage, delight and inspire people through design.


Architecture | Interior Architecture

Urban Design | Community Planning

Sustainable/Passive Design | Workplace Environments

Inception Planning | Master/Regional Planning | Space & Functional Programming

Building Science/Envelope | Building Code/Life Safety | Building Condition Assessments

3D Digital/Physical Modelling | Print & Media Design

Licensed architects address both the important civic role buildings can play in the fabric of cities and understand the interests and needs of the public and their clients above their own. When you hire a registered professional you have chosen to seek specialized knowledge based on intensive academic preparation combined with technical experience, ethical standards and rigorous examination. As a full service architecture practice, our broad capabilities include project initiation and feasibility services, site & functional or building condition assessments, master planning and urban design, public engagement, multi-stakeholder workshops and community outreach, architecture and interior design, sustainable (high-performance) design, branding & graphic design and design visualizations to tell your story.

At One One Ten, we're always re-thinking how architects and good design can be more accessible to people who want to create simple, modern buildings, residences or vacation homes. Since the beginning, we have adapted the way we practice architecture to a situation or to appeal to the needs of people by offering professional design services that are thoughtful and provide real expertise and value where and when clients need it most. That way, you can be better informed and make the best decision on the design assistance you require to stay in driver's seat of your project.

Think you can't afford an architect? You can.

Our professional services are crafted to give you access to the right expertise, provide value and surpass expectations for your project in the following categories:

We also wish to empower you through the insights and resources we provide to help you in creating a meaningful, smooth and successful project.

Even when a licensed architect is not required by law*, it is best to include conversations with an architect to ensure your building is designed competently and to its fullest potential.
* The Architects Act and Alberta Building Code list the types of buildings which people must engage an architect under law. The protected title 'Architect' is reserved through legislation for practioners who meet strict licensure requirements for education, practical experience and examination.

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