Confidences regarding our exceptional relationships, design & construction knowledge proficiency and overall project delivery abilities.


About our Project Development & Planning Services...

"Even though we did not end up proceeding with our custom build, the Discovery Consultation with One One Ten was invaluable to us. The process resulted in a catalog of the spaces we wanted in our dream home. This allowed us to recognize a used home that contained all the spaces we needed, and to bid with confidence knowing what could be built for a similar price. The consultation was worth every penny."
~ J & T Northcott, Lethbridge, Alberta

About our Architecture + Design Abilities...

"We enjoyed the process of working with Spencer (using the Eyes-on Design Review service). He gave us some new ideas and offered different ways that we could utilize space more effectively for our cabin. The process was thorough and will materialize into an amazing space."
~ T & R Matson, Lethbridge, Alberta

From Consultants Who Know Best...

"We always enjoy working with Spencer. He has an excellent understanding of how the design of a building needs to be carefully thought out in order to accommodate the electrical systems within. His creative ideas allow us to complement the architecture with our lighting designs."
~ Dale Krall, SMP Engineering, Lethbridge, Alberta

About our Design Process, Project Delivery + Construction Documentation Comprehensiveness...

"Working with Spencer at One One Ten Architecture + Urbanism has been a very enjoyable experience. His care and attention to detail allows you to clearly see the vision. His plans are drawn meticulously, making the process from estimation to building more accurate and clear. He is open to practical feedback, and willing to discuss changes with anything that he has detailed, as long as it doesn't affect the vision. With thorough planning done on his part, it has made managing a project very straightforward."
~ Cal DeJager (Owner, Touchstone Homes), Lethbridge, Alberta

Additional references available upon request.

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